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WordPress Firewall Implementation


Description WordPress Firewall implementation makes use multiple tools, providing a dashboard of results and configuring a secure web application firewall to thwart attackers. The Firewall checks user access against a known blacklist of WordPress attackers, updated every 30 days; furthermore, threats are logged and brute force attacks, that often crack passwords, are better prevented. Your site is scanned for Malware and actions against offending content will be taken. Subsequent intrusion attempts are blocked, and login attempt (failed or successful) can be viewed. Damaged or edited core files can be replaced and your available disk space will always be monitored.

We’ll scan your site for any known existing malware and exploits, providing you with a solid basis to whether your site may have been hacked or compromised. This Security Implementation prevents the majority of standard threats associated with WordPress; however, user error by means of outdated content or making use of known vulnerabilities can still pose a threat.

For optimal security and peace of mind, this purchase is best paired with our automated updates, HTTPS configuration, and backup service.

Post purchase, site owner must supply access to WordPress site, as well as the ability to edit site files via SSH or variation of FTP as well as access to the hosting panel or account.

Interested in learning more about Web Application Security? Enjoy our in depth article on LinkedIn covering all aspects of Web Security.

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